Olives and Blood

This is a contemporary play about the murder of Spanish poet and playwright, Federico Garcia Lorca.  The drama focuses on one of the murderers who stood on that dark hillside in 1936.  One particular murderer, Juan Luis Trescastro Medina (for the purpose of this play renamed simply, Trescante), later bragged about his involvement in the deluded attempt to silence Lorca’s “voice” by silencing his life.  In the end, Trescante cannot help but realize that neither five bullets, nor unmarked mass grave, nor thirty years of banning the works of Lorca had the power to still the Poet’s voice.  Instead, it is the murderer, living and breathing in the world, who has become the voiceless, invisible one.

Liminal Space Productions presented a rehearsed reading of a new play in development  Olives and Blood (SOMBRA de un POETA en la OLIVAR ) by American playwright, Michael Bradford, on the 15th December 2010 at Caravanserai Studios.

AAPEX interview with Prav Menon-Johansson & Michael Bradford